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5 Of The Best Whiskey Options To Amp Up Diwali Party



Diwali is almost here, and our preparations are on an all-time high. We are decorating our homes, preparing varieties of sweets and more to throw a gala party for friends and families. Yes, Diwali calls of celebration, where friends and families come together and enjoy a lavish dinner party. A quintessential Diwali party comprise good food, great ambience, and of course, some good drinks to add on to the vibe. Like us, if you are planning a Diwali party at home, then this article is just for you. Here, we have curated a list of some of the best-selling whiskeys in India that should be in your collection to enjoy the finer things in life. Let’s take a look.

Diwali 2022: Here’re 5 Of The Best Whiskeys Available In India:

Lucifer Gold:

A fine blend of Scottish whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon, this drink brings the best of both the worlds in a single bottle. Thanks to the blend, this drink with provide you a fruity and spicy flavour with every sip, which is balanced with vanilla and charred oak notes. It is suggested to enjoy the drink on the rocks, with an accompaniment of dry fruits (especially dates and walnuts).

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whiskey:

Deemed to be the pioneer of Indian single malt, Amrut distilleries has come up with this new blend that leaves you with a burst of fruity, spicy and sweet flavours on the palate. It has a heavy note of dark chocolate and peat, with a refreshing finish of marmalade. Enjoy this drink with a generous helping of fresh fruit salad.

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey:

A popular scotch whiskey across India, Monkey shoulder is apt to pair with your meals on a festive night. It has a creamy undertone, with a distinctive fruity and rich flavour profile. Monkey Shoulder makes for a perfect option to prepare whiskey-based cocktails like whiskey sour and old fashioned.

Grant’s Distinction:

Grant’s Distinction is locally bottled in India and offers you a rich, raisin cake flavour with every sip. This drink is smooth mixable and has a suble fruity and spicy flavour that leaves a rich note on your palate.

Dewars 18:

One of the top-rated whiskeys in India, this iconic 18-year-old drink by Dewar’s defines smoothness with every sip. It has a subtle smokiness and a creamy finish that makes it ideal for the moments when you have a mood for something refreshing and classic.

So what are you waiting for? Make your choice and stock some bottles to enjoy Diwali party over drinks and food. But yes, drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

Have a happy and safe Diwali, everyone!

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