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Anshula Kapoor’s Breakfast Indulgence Is All Things Yummy



They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we all agree. Be egg toast along with some juices or something as desi and delectable as idli-sambar, we all crave a wholesome breakfast. Don’t we? Giving us a demo is none other than Anshula Kapoor. Yes, actor Arjun Kapoor’s sister enjoyed a lovely breakfast this weekend. She has shared Instagram Stories showing us a view of her mouth-watering spread. We can spot a tasty slice of chocolate cake and some other food items that seem to be light, flaky baked pastries. Anshula, “Cake for breakfast is a vibe.”        

Take a look:


Next,  Anshula Kapoor took us on a visual tour of her breakfast. There are incredibly indulgent toasts topped with eggs. The breakfast also features a crepe accompanied by a nice assortment of vegetables and eggs. We could also spot some finger-licking pancakes among other treats. Don’t miss the drinks. Anshula stated, “But then, round 2 looks like this.”  


Now that you’ve started drooling, here’s something you can do about your hunger pangs. Given below is a list of five amazing sweet and savoury delicacies that you can prepare at home. Yes, it includes the dishes Anshula tried.

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1)Rich and moist chocolate cake

A scrumptious chocolate cake is always a great way to enjoy your cheat day. Agree? A slice of this gooey and mushy dessert is all that you need to cheer you up on a regular day. Also, it can be easily prepared at home and doesn’t require too much effort.

2) Puff pastry

We are always up for something light, flaky and equally indulgent like this delicious puff pastry. This classic puff pastry is a great way to treat yourself in the morning. You can also have it with your evening cuppa.

3) Classic American pancakes

Have you ever tried making pancakes at home? Well, this is the time you need to try them out. It’s said that pancakes are a rich source of vitamins and minerals so, they give a healthy twist to your indulgence. Talking about this particular recipe, don’t forget to serve it with maple syrup and fresh berries on top.   

4) Gypsy toast

Sometimes, when you wake up late and look for quick breakfast options, this is it. Gypsy toast is never going to disappoint you. This delight contains the goodness of eggs teamed with nicely pan-grilled bread slices. Gypsy toast really gets ready within five minutes.  

5) Vegetable crepe

If you are bored with the regular breakfast options, this recipe is surely going to interest you. Vegetable crepe may take some time to get ready perfectly, but it’s worth a try. You can prepare this on weekends and have a healthy breakfast.

 Enjoy your weekend with these delicious treats.  

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