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Bhai Dooj 2022: 5 Unique Recipes Your Sibling Would Love



The festival of Bhai Dooj celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters apply tikka on their brothers’ forehead and pray for their long and healthy life. Brothers, in return, shower the sisters with gifts. If you want to make this day even more special for your sibling, why not prepare some unique meals that are not boring and will surprise them and impress them at the same time. We found out some easy recipes that will help you serve some out-of-ordinary, almost gourmet meals to your loved ones, and make the festival more fun for the entire family.

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Here Are 5 Unique Recipes For Bhai Dooj Feast:

1.  French Omelette:

Start the day with a grand surprise. Make this unique French omelette for your brother or sister and kick off the festivities with a happy vibe. French omelette requires minimal ingredients and turns out to be light as air. Click here for the recipe.


French omelette is very easy to make. Image: iStock

2. Tadka Bread Snack

Amp up your feast with this quick snack made with bread. Just roast some spices, add yogurt and lemon juice, and throw in bread pieces at last to make a delectable snack. Click here for the recipe.

3. Baked Potatoes

Ditch the usual French fries and aloo tikki, and use the humble potatoes to make cheesy baked potatoes that look great and taste even better. Click here for an easy baked potatoes recipe.

4.  Bread Pizza

If your sibling is a pizza lover, make them happier with their favourite food specially made with love. If you are an amateur in the kitchen, pick this recipe and you won’t go wrong with it. Click here for the recipe of bread pizza.

5. 5-Min Sundae

If you don’t want to offer a regular dessert on Bhai Dooj, you can quickly whip up a fancy dessert with this recipe. This 5-min sundae actually takes just five minutes to put together. Grab vanilla ice cream, strawberries (or any other fruit of your choice), almonds and chocolates, and get started with this recipe.


Make Bhai Dooj 2022 memorable with foods that will make it a fun-filled affair. And we guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun yourself making them.

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