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Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna Returns To Amritsar, Cooks Delicious Kulcha



Amritsar is known to be a paradise for foodies. From its hearty kulchas to the frothy lassi and even the crispy Amritsari fish, there are plenty of delicious dishes out there. Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna also hails from Amritsar and he has often spoken about his Punjabi roots in multiple interviews. He spent much of his childhood in the city and that’s how he fostered a deep interest in and connection with food. And now, the Michelin-star chef has returned to his birthplace and rediscovered the art of kulcha making. Vikas Khanna shared a video of himself making Amritsari kulchas on Instagram reels and it has gone viral, garnering over 251k views and 22k likes. Take a look:

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In the clip, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna showed us some glimpses of Amritsar city. He was in the city for Diwali and he took some time out of his busy schedule to cook some delicious Amritsari kulchas at a dhaba. In spite of doing this after so many years, Vikas Khanna was able to make the kulchas with as much expertise as he did earlier. “Almost 40 years ago, I used to practice making Kulchas on the streets of Amritsar. Whenever I go back to the same places, they will always request me to make one. I think, I still got it,” he wrote in the caption of the video. The song ‘Ambarsariya’ from the movie ‘Fukrey’ played in the background. Later, Vikas Khanna also ate the kulchas he made!

Although the celebrity chef creates every dish with ease, Vikas Khanna had once spoken about the dish that he found really difficult to recreate. In an earlier interview with NDTV Food, he told us that he could not recreate his grandmother’s methi aloo recipe. “Although I have a gift of being able to re-create any dish by just tasting it, this is one dish I cannot replicate. It has five simple ingredients, nothing fancy at all, perhaps it’s the sacredness that this dish holds in my heart. I would like to always keep it sacred in memory of my grandmom,” he told us in the exclusive interview.

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