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Chai Or Momos? Zomato Gives Funny Twist To Amitabh Bachchans “Horrible Error”



Chai or momos – which according to you is the best? We know it’s a difficult choice but Zomato has already decided for all of us, albeit after a “horrible mistake” of picking the wrong answer earlier. The food delivery app is known for entertaining its followers with meme posts, and this post declaring the winner (chai or momos) was no different. This time, Zomato picked on none other than Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s latest tweet and gave it a hilarious twist. Let’s see how it all started. 

Amitabh Bachchan is quite active on Twitter and he always numbers his tweets. But just recently, he realised that he was writing ‘T’ numbers wrongly in his tweets. So he apologised with a tweet saying, “T 4515 – A HORRIBLE ERROR! All my T numbers have gone wrong right from the last right one T 4514 (This is correct )… Everything after is wrong… T 5424,5425,5426,4527, 5428, 5429, 5430… all wrong… they should be  T4515,4516,4517,4518,4519 4520,4521. APOLGIES!!”  

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Zomato was quick to fashion Big B’s apology into its own and apologised to the followers for naming ‘chai’ the best over ‘momos’. It wrote in the post – “T 4515 – A HORRIBLE ERROR! All my tweets saying chai is the best have gone wrong, they should say momos. APOLGIES!!” Did you notice Zomato made another ‘error’ of copying the wrong spelling of ‘apologies’ from Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet? 

Take a look: 

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The funny Zomato tweet already has over 70k views and several comments from amused Twitter users. Some creative users gave their own personal take on the “horrible error” and these comments will leave you in splits.  

Here are some of the Twitter reactions. 

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This is not the first time Zomato took a dig at famous people. Just recently it gave its witty reaction to Elon Musk’s blue tick policy. Read about it here.  

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