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Comedian Momin Saqib’s Hilarious Interview In Melbourne Ahead Of India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Match. Watch



The fans are eagerly waiting for the contest between India and Pakistan in Melbourne in the Super 12 stage of the ongoing T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam would be hoping that their sides rise to the challenge and put up a good show in front of a jam-packed stadium. Ahead of the match, comedian Momin Saqib, who is famous as ‘Maro Mujhe Maro’ guy, gave a hilarious interview on Saturday, saying India-Pakistan matches are the “mother of all matches” and he even guaranteed that rain would not play spoilsport for this contest.

“Australia is so far away, if we have come this far, you can only guess the excitement that is there for the tournament. When it is India vs Pakistan, the entire energy, limelight is on this India-Pakistan match, it is the mother of all matches,” said Saqib in a video posted by news agency ANI on Twitter.

“Fans were worried about rain playing spoilsport, I told them let’s bring buckets, even if it rains, we will collect the water and dump it out. You just see the weather now, the sun is out, so much Vitamin-D. Even if it rains, we will collect the water,” he added.

As per Accuweather, at 7 PM Melbourne Time (1:30 PM IST), there is 100 per cent cloud cover expected, but the chances of rain are quite less. For the entire duration of the match which is scheduled to run from 7 PM To 10:30 PM Melbourne Time, the cloud cover would be there.

An odd one or two showers are expected, but it is unlikely that the rain will washout the game.


Cricket, the Gentleman’s Game, prepares for the mother of all rivalries as India take on Pakistan in the Group B clash of the T20 World Cup 2022 Super 12 on Sunday. Though the rain threat is looming large over the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is bracing itself for an audience of 1 lakh people, fans are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping for a full 40-over contest.

The echoes of India’s 10-wicket defeat against Pakistan are still haunting Indian cricket loyalists and Rohit Sharma would hope to turn the tables as he steps onto the field as a captain in a World Cup for the first time ever.

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