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Farah Khan Enjoys “Desserts In The Desert” – See Pic



Farah Khan’s social media presence is loved by all. Right from the family pictures to some of her amazing culinary adventures, Farah likes to keep her fans updated. As of now, she is in Dubai. Not only that, but the filmmaker is also busy treating herself to some drool-worthy sweets. How do we know this? She has shared a video on her Instagram Stories, taking us on a visual tour of her exotic dessert spread. The video starts with a delicious dish that resembles mini macarons. We could also spot matcha creme brulee, dadar gulung (Indonesian coconut pancake), and mango rice pudding among many other sweet dishes. There were jalebis, square-shaped barfis and even ladoos and other treats. In the end, she showed us what looked like bowlfuls of gajar ka halwa. For the caption, she mentioned, “Desserts in the desert.”

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If Farah Khan’s Instagram Stories made you crave desserts, here are five fantastic recipes that you must relish. Yes, you can take help from this list and try making the delicacies at home.

1)Mango dessert

This may sound like some exotic dessert, however, it’s one simple treat that can be prepared in just twenty minutes. All you need is a handful of ingredients including mangoes, cream, milk, and cinnamon powder to make this. Try it out today.

2) Lemon creme brulee

This dessert with a hint of lemon is simply unmissable. It resembles a tiny little cupcake-like custard with the flavour of lemon. In this recipe, what stands out is the amazing balance of cream and honey and a tangy, citrus bit of lemon.

3) Gajar ka halwa

Now, as we are heading towards winter, there is no chance that we can miss out on this yummy treat. Gajar ka halwa has always been one of our favourite treats to gorge on. Carrot along with condensed milk, lots of ghee and dry fruits taste heavenly.

4) Chukander ki jalebi

Do you want to give your regular jalebi a healthy twist? If yes, then follow this recipe. These sweet delights carry the goodness of beetroot along with white urad dal and dry fruits among other ingredients that make it tasty. Have it with rabri and you’ll fall in love with it.

5) Homemade kaju ki barfi

This melt-in-the-mouth dessert is perfect for a wholesome sweet binge. It hardly requires five ingredients to get ready. Cooking time? Just twenty-five minutes. These thin, triangular-shaped kaju ki barfis can be perfect desserts after meals.

Did these recipes motivate you to try making sweets at home?

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