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Genelia DSouza Shares How To Keep Kids Happy With Some Delicious Pancakes



Some fluffy and warm pancakes are one of those delicious foods that can instantly make our mouths water. Be it kids or older adults, hardly anyone can resist biting into a pancake as its mild and sweet aroma wafts under the nose. Unlike cakes and brownies which usually need ovens and long preparation time, pancakes, as the name suggests, just need a pan. This is what makes it the best treat for our children to light up their day, and actress Genelia D’Souza seems to have just inspired us to do that.

In her recent Instagram Stories, Genelia has given a glimpse of how she keeps the spirits of her children high. She has shared a photo of a scrumptious pancake that she made for her “rockstar” son Riaan. Not only the pancake looks lip-smacking but, according to the actress, it is dairy-free and doesn’t contain maida. However, what the pancake is loaded with is “lotsa aai-baba love”.

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“Everyone needs a little assurance that they are amazing. Even your children do,” the text on the picture read.


Now if you are planning to cook some pancakes for your little ones this weekend then we have got some finger-licking good pancake recipes for you.

Cooking some good food generally requires patience and time, but this doesn’t hold true when it comes to pancakes. This banana pancake recipe just requires three ingredients namely eggs, banana, and oats. Using oat flour as a substitute for maida makes these pancakes healthy while the banana and eggs bring in the fluffiness.

If you don’t feel like going for something sweet, then try this healthy pancake which is perfect for some Sunday brunch. Loaded with vegetables, this pancake can be a great way to trick your children into eating some greens. Moreover, other ingredients such as coriander leaves and green chillies just make it tasty.

If you are looking for a healthy yet quick pancake recipe, then this one is for you. It has the goodness of spinach, the tempting aroma and taste of vanilla extract and some crunch offered by fresh walnuts. And, all it needs is 10 minutes of your to be prepared.

Protein is an essential nutrient for both children and adults and this pancake is loaded with it. While peanut butter gives that nutty flavour, healthy fats, and protein, bananas and cinnamon offer their distinct aroma.

Aiming to lose weight and craving pancakes? Well, you can try this recipe with no guilt of indulging in some fast food. It is low in calories, and contains just two egg whites, and a tablespoon of soy flour along with some chia seeds. Combining all these is what will you give you a delicious and nutritious pancake.

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