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Gujarati Vendor Creates Fusion Dish Called Mexican Dabeli; Internet Reacts



Fusion foods can be found everywhere we go, from pizza paratha to chocolate momo. Whether you love them or hate them, you just cannot ignore them. The most inventive fusion food can be discovered in the most unexpected places. In order to attract customers and get social media attention, various street food vendors are willing to try out all kinds of dishes and combinations. We discovered one such experimental recipe. The traditional Gujarati Dabeli is given a Mexican twist in this recipe. A video posted on Instagram demonstrates how the Gujarat vendor prepares this fusion dabeli. This video was posted by the Instagram-based food blogger @bhukkadbhaiyaji, and it currently has more than 100k views and 7k likes. Take a look at this:

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In the video, the street vendor begins by making dabeli filling. He can be seen putting chopped vegetables and Mexican sauce in a container. He thoroughly mixes it before sandwiching the mixture between the pav. He then toasted the pav with butter on a tawa after it was filled. The internet never ceases to amaze us, and it turns out that people are reacting in both positive and negative ways. Here are some remarks made about this unusual dish:

“Mexico me kab se dabeli milne laga?” (When did you start getting Dabeli in Mexico?)

“Yeh kya hai kyu hai.” (What is it, why is it?)

“As a Kutchi I am offended, this shit is not called as dabeli”

“Seems interesting!”

“Ye experiment accha hai, recipe bata do” (This experience seems nice, please tell us the recipe)

What did you think of this fusion dabeli? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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