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Gulab Jamun Burger Is The Latest Food Combination To Go Viral



Right when we think that all possible and peculiar food combinations have been explored, someone on the internet always manages to formulate a new one. Be it dal makhani ice cream rolls, Maggi pani puri, or chocolate biryani, we have seen it all and have been left aghast each time. Yet again, another food fusion has come to light that can offend many dessert lovers. The latest addition to the list of bizarre food combinations is a gulab jamun burger. Yes, you heard it right! A video has been shared on Twitter that shows a vendor placing gulab jamun between buns and making a burger out of it. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself:

The person first takes out a fresh gulab jamun dipped in sugar syrup and proceeds to stuff it between burger buns. Not just this, he then drizzles some of the sugar syrup on the glazy dessert and cuts the gulab jamun in half before pressing the buns together. The burger then goes for a final touch on the pan before being cut into equal pieces.

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The clip has amassed more than 134k views on Twitter and promoted users to ask if the innovation was really needed.

“The other I saw a gulaab jamun parata on twitter. People are making weird food combos,” a user wrote.

Another wrote “When you finally realize that innovation in food has come to an end… And there is not any more permutations and combinations of spices and ingredients possible.”

The fusion definitely did not go well with many.

This one chose to take a dig at the innovator behind the gulab jamun burger.

“Oh God no.. It can’t be right it seems illegal,” a reaction read. 

Not everyone shared the same opinion about the burger as some were willing to at least try it once.

“Whatever the name, but it will be like some sweet bun. No harm in trying, I suppose” wrote a person.

So, will you be giving the gulab jamun burger a try? Tell us in the comments. 


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