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Healthy Dessert: How To Make Nolen Gur Rasgulla In Just 30 Mins



If there’s one thing in the culinary world that makes us go weak in the knees, it has to be desserts. However, it seems to be even harder to withstand dessert cravings when you’re following a healthy diet. Every time someone opens a box of kaju katli or offers you a plateful of brownies, you are constantly reminded of your diet goals, but it’s nearly impossible to resist reaching for these treats. Your mind begins making quick calculations as soon as you eat a piece of your favourite dessert to determine how many calories you have consumed in excess of your daily calorie budget. Not any longer! To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, we bring you a very healthy rasgulla recipe. If you want to enjoy your desserts guilt-free, make this recipe at home and store it for the next 3-4 days.

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The recipe also calls for curdled milk, vinegar, and a few other ingredients that can be found in any kitchen pantry. And the best part? This recipe contains no refined sugar and is sweetened with Nolen jaggery (or gur) rather than grain sugar. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the recipe.

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Nolen Gur Rasgulla Recipe: How To Make Nelon Gur Rasgulla

To begin with, curdle the milk by adding a bit of vinegar or lemon juice.

Once the milk is curdled, drain the chenna, wash it, and squeeze it to remove excess water.

Now mash it by using the heel of your palm until smooth and consistent. Once the chenna mixture is ready, prepare tiny balls out of it.

The last step is to add these rasgullas to the jaggery syrup and let them cool. To watch the step-by-step detailed recipe, watch the video below.

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So, what are you waiting for? Try this healthy sweet treat at home and let us know how you all liked it in the comments below.

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