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Kota Ki Kachroi Served On Paper Plates Featuring Chemistry Equations; Video Goes Viral



Street food is an emotion; and, most of us relate to it. When a piping hot kachori is served on a paper plate with oodles of chutney – lip-smacking is the word that comes to our mind. Don’t you agree?! Now, tell us have you ever noticed what is written on those paper plates? Cutouts from magazines or newspapers, right? At times, it also varies from region to region. Something similar happened with this woman who was travelling via train. The person has shared a picture of plates with kachoris from the Kota junction. And, it has everyone’s attention on Twitter. What’s so unique about it? The lip-smacking golden brown kachoris are served to her on a paper plate. If you look at the picture closely, you will notice that the paper plate shows complex Chemistry equations. Adding a punch of humour to the IIT-Jee angle attached to Kota, she wrote, “Kota main kachori bhi padhai karte hue khaani padti hai (Even when you want to gorge on kachoris in Kota, you have to do it while studying).” For those who don’t know, Kota is termed the coaching capital of India. The town in Rajasthan is known for its IIT-Jee coach institutes. Every year, students make a beeline to join the classes in Kota. 

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Take a look at the post here:

Well, considering the kind of hard work students are expected to put in to get into the best Engineering colleges in India, this did not even come as a shock to many users. The post received a lot of attention on Twitter.  Some called it a “Kota thing”.

Someone stated, “Kota me kachori wale bhaiya ko bhi differentiation integration ata hai (In Kota, even the kachori seller knows differentiation integration)”

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A user mentioned, “No wonder you’ll find one day tissues as a cheat sheet,” with laughing emojis.

A comment also read, “They are practically teaching you recyclability which anyway your generation has to implement and contribute towards sustainability and global warming after The DEGREE!! “Kachori Wala learned it without going to any college.”

Someone wrote, “Kota ki kachori and patties was a vibe”

Another comment read, “Yeh toh kuch bhi nahin, ek baar ek dukan wala kachori dete hue jee mains kaa paper solve kar raha tha (This is still nothing. Once, a kachori seller was solving JEE Mains question paper)”

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