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Make This Delicious Lucknow-Style Mutton Korma To Enjoy This Weekend



Among popular non-vegetarian food items, mutton occupies a special place in our hearts. The rich masalas often penetrate deeper into the mutton chunks than other food items. Now that we are discussing the speciality of mutton, have you ever tried Lucknow-style mutton curry? This dish is loaded with traditional Mughlai flavours. The aromatic masalas and tender juicy meat chunks clubbed together taste magical. It’s a traditional, flavourful Awadhi mutton dish cooked with precision in a yoghurt and nut-based gravy. Are you drooling already? We have the recipe here, all thanks to Chef Ranveer Brar. Take a look.

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More mutton recipes, did we hear? Here’s a list of five excellent ways to relish mutton. Check out the recipes:

1) Mutton 65

You don’t want to eat mutton curries? Fair enough. Let us take you through a tempting appetiser. This recipe is crispy, fiery and tasty to the core. It’s a go-to dish for non-vegetarian and fried-food lovers. Find the recipe here.

2) Warli-Style Mutton Curry

Did you know Warli-style food is popular for its masalas? This traditional Warli-style mutton curry tastes best with roti or rice. If you are bored with your regular way of preparing mutton, try out this recipe here.

3) Galouti Kebabs

If you want to ditch the elaborate curries, and instead go for snacking, this should be your go-to dish. Galouti kebabs are an essential part of Awadhi cuisine and are known for their melt-in-the-mouth texture. Make these with minced chicken and don’t forget to add the required spices. Click here for the recipe.

4) Nihari Mutton

If you are fond of mutton, this recipe is a must-try. This authentic delicacy used to be a part of the royal kitchen in the past. In this, the shank meat is cooked for hours. No doubt, this treat is an absolute delight for mutton lovers. Recipe here.

5) Mysore Chilli Chops

This is one unique dish coming straight from Mysore. Lamb cutlets are marinated in a variety of spices and grilled. Want to try this out? Take a look.

We hope you are planning to include at least one mutton recipe in your meal today.

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