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Order Delicious Burgers And Sandwiches From Sandburgs For Anytime Hunger



There’s no hunger that a burger or a sandwich cannot satisfy. We all love digging into these delights that offer everything to shut down our growling stomach. If we are in no mood to have the same homemade Indian food again, a burger is one of the first things that come to our mind, and so we open a food delivery app and simply order it to be delivered at our doorstep. Next time, you set out to order a burger or a sandwich but get confused between different options, give Sandburgs a try.

Their loaded burgers and sandwiches are enough to offer you a satisfying meal. I tried their Garden Dreams Burger and Tandoori Cottage Burger from the veg section and they were quite refreshing and delicious. 

From the non veg section, I had Classic Sandburg Burger, which came with a flavourful mutton patty, and it was full of flavours plus it was fulfilling too. Sandburg Club Sandwich offered a variety of textures and flavours with chicken, bacon, pork and egg – all stuffed into one. Tandoori Pollo Press Sandwich had a distinct tangy tandoori chicken but I missed the tandoori flavours in it. Yet, it was not a bad dish and again, was quite satisfying. Classic Pollo Burger (chicken) made for a good eat too.
Whatever burger you pick, don’t forget to pair it with their signature shakes. I tried Banana Dates shake and it was super delicious. I ended my meal with the sweet delight of Mango Cheesecake Jar, and it is a must-try. 

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