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“Sawere Sawere Craving Chocolate”: Kriti Sanons Morning Urge Is Relatable



Chocolate is a celebration. Chocolate is an emotion. Chocolate is pure pleasure. Whether you are experiencing mood swings or having a bad day, a chocolatey indulgence can lift your spirits like no other. Today, we are celebrating Chocolate Day as part of Valentine’s Week. Every year, on February 9, people gift chocolates or chocolate sweet treats to their loved ones. And, should we call it a coincidence that Kriti Sanon is craving chocolate right in the morning? The actress shared a video of herself on Instagram Stories and confessed her cravings. In the clip, which was shot in a car, Kriti is seen making cute faces. “Sawere sawere craving chocolate today (craving chocolate right in the morning),” she captioned the post. Next, Kriti also asked fans, “Is it Chocolate Day today? Or that’s gone.”

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Here’re Some Recipes You Can Try On Chocolate Day:

In case you are also craving some sweet treats today, give it a personal touch and whip the delicacies at home. Recipes? We have got you covered. Don’t worry they are far beyond a regular chocolate cake. 

1. Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine 

Here’s the genius of a dessert. Wondering what it is? There is rasmalai wrapped in a chocolate mousse. Two desserts are better than one, right? Try the recipe and thank us later. Tap here for full recipe 

2. Choco Muesli Rocks 

Hit by a chocolate craving? We have a quick solution. This fuss-free recipe is made with just four ingredients and two of them are optional. Can it get any better? It does. With muesli as one of the ingredients, it is a perfect combo of chocolate and health. Click here for the recipe.

3. Chocolate And Banana Crepes 

A quick crepe recipe with a flavourful mix of bananas and chocolates. Think beyond and top it off with anything and everything your heart wants. Check out the full recipe here. 

4. Chocolate Mousse With Pomegranate 

This ingenious recipe will make you earn applause at the dinner table. A light chocolate mousse served with pomegranate reduction, this recipe gets prepared in just 30 minutes. Save the recipe now. 

5. Chocolate Mug Cake 

Don’t want to get into the complexity of making a sinful dessert? Try this easy-peasy recipe of chocolate mug cake. Empty all ingredients in a cup, give it a good mix and bake. Recipe inside. 

Wishing you a Happy Chocolate Day! 

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