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Tahira Kashyap’s Culinary Trail Feature This Popular Japanese Dish



As we are heading close to the festival of lights, Diwali, it’s becoming hard to contain the excitement. But, apart from Laxmi puja, lighting lamps, and new clothes, does Diwali also calls for good food? Yes, of course. At least that’s what we can make out from Tahira Kashyap’s latest social media update. Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife is all set to celebrate the festivities in full swing. But before that, she decided to be a part of pre-Diwali celebrations. After all, Diwali is also about reunions and parties. She has shared a glimpse of her gastronomic indulgence. And, do you know what it shows? A plateful of mouth-watering sushi.

Take a look:

Did Tahira Kashyap’s foodie indulgence make you hungry? Try out these sushi dishes at home and enjoy.

1)Assorted rice kheer sushi

Do you want to try an exotic version of the traditional rice kheer? If yes, then, this recipe is for you. Assorted rice kheer sushi is a scrumptious blend of Indian and Japanese cuisines. Prepare this during the festive season and impress everyone.

2) California sushi rolls

This is one drool-worthy and healthy recipe that can be prepared in just half an hour. Some of the main ingredients required to make California sushi rolls include crab meat, and avocados, among others. It tastes better with a dollop of chilli mayo on top.   

3) Valentine sushi roll

Well, this can be a cute way to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, you can rustle up these interesting heart-shaped sushi rolls and enjoy them. Remember, if your partner is a foodie, this can be a very special gift.  

4) Lemon sushi cake

Oh yes, this dish exists. A perfect combo of sushi and cake. This one is surely going to appeal to your tastebuds. So, prepare this mouth-watering cake with a little tang of lime and fondant sushi on top.

5) Sushi platter

Did we hear delicious? This beautiful tricolour sushi platter will satiate you to the core. Yes, you do need some specific ingredients and time to give the recipe some aesthetic touch.   

Hope you all enjoy digging into these recipes.     

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