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Twitter Flooded With Childhood Memories Of Nirulas After Deepak Nirula Dies



Nirula’s introduced Delhi to the fast-food culture long before McDonald’s and KFC entered the Indian foodscape. When Nirula’s first opened its doors in the 1970s, the capital city was in awe of the quick food delivery service that offered them a range of delicious treats like burgers, pizza and ice cream sundaes. The 80s and 90s kids still have fond memories of their frequent visits to Nirula’s for a quick and hearty treat, especially the ever-so-popular hot chocolate fudge. The sad demise of Deepak Nirula, co-owner of Nirula’s, has brought back all those childhood memories and the internet is now flooded with anecdotes of several trips to the iconic Nirula’s.  

With multiple outlets in the city, Nirula’s still wins hearts and the love for its signature foods can never wane. As the internet reminisces the good old days of Nirula’s, we spotted some Twitter posts that really touched our hearts. It’s heart-warming to see how the eatery left a mark in their lives. From hosting birthday treats and family get-togethers to witnessing first dates, Nirula’s seemed to have served as the go-to place for many.  

Take a look at some of the Twitter posts: 

These Twitter posts just reaffirm our thought that Nirula’s shares a special relationship with Delhiites. Do you remember the time when Mira Kapoor visited Delhi, her hometown, and could not resist the urge to have the hot chocolate fudge from Nirula’s? She even posted a picture of it on Instagram. Read all about it here.  

People can’t thank the Nirula family enough for giving them such memorable moments. Deepak Nirula, fondly called “The Ice Cream Man Of India” died on October 4, 2022 at the age of 70.  He will forever be credited for bringing the American-style fast-food concept to Delhi.

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