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Watch: Mashed Potatoes Out Of Lays? Woman Shares Recipe, Internet Not Convinced



We all love a good food hack. Nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction you get when you manage to make a fancy dish using basic ingredients. The internet is full of tips and tricks for making gourmet-level food using things you can find in your average kitchen. But sometimes, people come up with weird recipes for dishes that can easily be prepared in a normal manner. For instance, last year, an Instagram reel showing how to make an omelette inside a Lays chips packet went viral. Another unusual recipe that shocked the Internet in the past was “Parle-G Halwa.”
This time, it is again Lays that is in the spotlight, but in a different manner. A recent reel posted by the page @butwouldyoueat shows a woman making mashed potatoes by using Lays instead of actual potatoes. She guides viewers with a quick step-by-step recipe, showing them how to add sauce, cheese, milk, more chips and seasoning. She advises them to wait until it’s “thickened up.” Here is the entire video:

But most viewers did not seem impressed. They were left wondering about the need for such a recipe in the first place. Here is what some of the IG users had to say:
“People are getting bored or have too much free time there is just no way”
“Made a homemade brick”
“Jail home-cooked meal”
“And that’s how you ruin a dish”
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