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Woman Churns Ice-Cream With Help Of Ceiling Fan, Only In India, Says Anand Mahindra



They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In India, we have a special word to describe the ingenious methods we develop to solve problems: jugaad. It is hard to translate this word precisely. One explanation could simply be a smart way of making the best of what you have to deal with the situation. A better way to explain it would be through examples, and a recent viral video provides exactly that. Businessman Anand Mahindra recently took to Twitter to post a video of a woman making ice cream at home. In order to churn the mixture, she used a technique that is unusual, to say the least. Watch the video below:

We see the woman first stirring the liquid ice cream mixture in a large vessel. She then pours it into a container, which is then placed inside a larger one. She adds many pieces of ice in the space between the containers to form a sort of ice bath. She then ties a rope to the lid of the inner container. As the video zooms out, we see the other end of the rope is fastened to a ceiling fan. As the fan move, the ice cream mixture gets churned and chilled. Later, she opens the container and shows the viewers the ice cream. Anand Mahindra wrote, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Hand-made & Fan-made ice cream. Only in India…”
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The video has received 1.3M views so far. Many people were impressed by the woman’s ingenuity, while others were not convinced. Some even found the method dangerous. Read some of the reactions below.

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